What’s NLP?

Let me share a little story with you so that you can understand what NLP is…

When I was small there was an old chopper bicycle at my uncles’ place. He got it repaired for me so that I can learn how to ride a bicycle.

My father promised me to buy me two support wheels so that I can learn how to ride it on my own. It took a couple of days for him to find support wheels, but I was really impatient to ride it.

So my uncle came up to help me again. He said he would hold the se

at of the bike from the back to balance it and he would run with the bike. So that I can ride it forward without a fear. I was happy 🙂

On that big day I was all prepared to take my first lesson on riding a bicycle. There’s a big lawn in the garden of my ancestors’ house. So my first track was the road around that lawn. I sat on the seat while my uncle was holding the bike. Then I started paddling it hardly. My uncle was holding the bike from the back to keep the balance and he was running with the bike. Yeah! I was riding a bike! 🙂

After riding it forward for about 10 meters I felt really good and co

nfident. I started riding it faster. I heard my grandma and aunties were cheering. My nanny was screaming out of happiness. And I had almost gone three forth of the track around the lawn by the time I saw my uncle was also cheering just standing on the other side of the lawn!

Oh my GOD! The one who’s supposed to be with me was no where around me! But I was still riding the bike thinking that he’s just behind me!

The moment I realised that I fell off the bike!

NLP is just like that. It helps us consciously suggest our unconscious mind to get the best out of us and do the best.